Android Mobile App Development in Melbourne

We are very glad to see you on our website reading this page. If you made it here it means you are looking for Android app development options! While we alwaAndroid mobile appys recommend to build across-platform mobile app so you can target the whole mobile app usage market, rather than being limited to users of a particular mobile brand, developing an Android app is a good start!

Why develop Android apps?

Did you know that Google Play, Android’s store, has over 48billion app installs? By choosing to go ahead with Android app development you open your business to the users of a variety of mobile brands, including LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google Phone etc. Android apps can be built in 46 languages, meaning that you can cover a wide audience worldwide!

Why hire an Android app development company?

Similar to any other mobile app development, it is important you give your project to a specialised Android app development company. There is many companies out there that hire developers that know bits and pieces of app development and app design but this is not enough to produce a high quality mobile app. Every developer knows more about a certain coding language than the other. In a similar way every graphic designer knows more about certain digital products than other. App or website development work is like a restaurant kitchen – in a high quality restaurant you will never see the same chef cooking dessert and main dishes. While they know how to cook both they are only specialised in one. The specialty is key to a high quality end product, this is why your project requires a specialised Android app developer. To carry out your Android app development project successfully, we have a team of experts specialised in that field – Android app developers and designers.

How to get started with Android app development?

Follow these easy steps to get started with the Android app development:

  • write down what exactly you want your app to do
  • prepare a list of apps that you like using – for the app design or functionality or both
  • check what your competitors’ apps look like to get some new ideas
  • find an Android app development company
  • make sure they have a specialised Android app developer in-house – just like WeAreApps!
  • Make the first step towards building your Android mobile app today by getting in touch with us! Give us a call at (03) 86091078 or submit an enquiry to speak to an expert in the Android apps and assess your project for free!

Already have an Android app?

If you already have an Android app and need to make some changes, contact us at (03) 86091078 or drop a line to arrange a free consult!

Get started today!