IOS App Development in Melbourne

IOS mobile devicesDid you know that there is about 700 million iPhones and 338 million active iPads used worldwide? Building an IOS app would allow you to reach over a billion mobile Apple device users. Apple is clearly a very successful and rapidly growing smartphone making company with ever increasing sales, meaning that the number of devices your IOS app will be able to reach will increase each quarter.

iPhone App Development Company

iPhone app development is a very technical process requiring a clear strategy and needs to be executed by a team specialised in IOS app development. The main factor contributing to the success of a mobile app in general is usability. If the usability is not good enough your customers are going to delete your app and go to your competitors. When developing any mobile app, and an iPhone app in particular, you have to take into consideration the following usability factors:

  • security – all iPhone apps developed have to be approved by App Store first. It has to be secure enough so that whenever App Store introduces new security screening your app doesn’t get penalised. Also you have to ensure your customer’s data is stored securely and cannot be stolen from the app
  • functionality – your iPhone app has to be simple to use and have all the necessary features available
  • design – the design has to be up to date. iPhone app development & design went a long way in the past few years. Make sure your app looks modern and is up to date with technology.
  • keep it simple – no matter how big your company is you have to make your customer’s experience a pleasant one, otherwise they will leave

When developing a mobile app it is important you keep in mind that the optimal app is a combination of marketing strategy, design and development expertise. Hiring a specialised iPhone app development company like WeAreApps guarantees getting it right the first time. Going with a person or agency not specialised in iPhone apps can cost you a lot of time and money if things go wrong.

Why hire an IOS App Development Company?

Hiring a specialised IOS app development company like WeAreApps will ensure a smooth execution of the project. We will guide you through the whole process, from the initial planning to the final testing and revisions. We will revise your IOS app until you are 100% happy with it!

To get started:

  • write down what exactly you need from your IOS app
  • have a list of other apps that you like ready
  • see what your competitors’ apps are like and what features do they have
  • if you are a startup or have unique requirements write a detailed summary of each feature you need custom built
  • book a free appointment with an IOS app development company like WeAreApps ASAP to get the ball rolling – dial (03) 86091078 or submit an enquiry


Already have an IOS app?

If you already have an IOS app and need to make some changes, contact us at (03) 86091078 or drop a line to arrange a free consult!

Get started today! We are a leading specialised iPhone app development company that will help take your business to the next level!