Mobile App Development in Melbourne

Today having a mobile responsive website is not enough. If you want to ensure you make the most out of the mobile searches, you will need to build a mobile app. Giving your project to a company with a team of specialised mobile app developers like WeAreApps will ensure a smooth process, great mobile app design and a high quality end product you will love.

Why should you build a mobile app?

Did you know that the worldwide mobile app sales revenue increased by 40% in 2016, where publishers took home USD35billion across Android and IOS platforms? The overall mobile app revenue is forecast to increase by 125% by 2021.

mobile apps revenueThe value a mobile app can bring to the business has been underestimated by many businesses for many years. Only lately have the business owners realised that the mobile app market is significantly less competitive than the website market, meaning that it is easier to be found and reach your customer through a mobile app. For some industries having a mobile app has become an expectation. For example if you run a real estate business or an online store building a mobile app is a must. In Australia only in early 2017 about 16.6m people had a smartphone, meaning that starting your mobile app development now would allow to tap into this enormous market, if you haven’t already.

Mobile app revenue forecastOne of the best things about mobile apps is that they allow an offline experience while the websites don’t. That means that your customers can still be interacting with your business even when they have no Internet access. Think of Facebook or Instagram feed – have you ever used one of these apps on the plane while you were offline? Connecting the app to the internet just for a few seconds is enough to download the latest feed and keep you busy reading it for a half an hour. This is something we know as a mobile app development company, and this is why we are going to build your app in a way that will ensure your users will keep interacting with it even when offline.

How to get started with the mobile app development?

First of all think of what is your app’s main purpose? The purpose is to add to your bottom line of course, and for that the main factor is the usability. Any mobile app development company will know that the recipe for a successful app is to make your customers love using it. One of the most important features is your mobile app design. Have you ever downloaded an app and deleted it seconds after opening it because the design was poor and navigation too complicated? Did you know that 80% of mobile apps are deleted after one use? You don’t want yours to be one of these. A successful mobile app is a combination of the following factors:

  • tailored mobile app design
  • cross platform app is what is going to help you get ahead of your competitors – make sure you cover all the main platforms: IOS , Android, Microsoft and other
  • clear & simple functionality
  • only choose experienced mobile app developers and designers – so many things can go wrong if the team you hire lacks experience


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