Custom Plugin Development in Melbourne

Do you require custom functionality and can’t find an existing plugin? At We Are Apps we do custom plugin development. You can come to us with any functionality and design idea and we are going to build a custom plugin for you.

We can develop a custom plugin for any platform – any CMS including WordPress, any ecommerce including Magento, .Net, and other.

Why create a custom plugin in WordPress?

If you already have a WordPress website or are about to build one, you might know that the main rule of WordPress development is do not touch the WordPress core. It means that instead of editing the core file of WordPress to add functionality, you add functionality by installing plugins. If you add functionality into the core files of WordPress, once it updates to a newer version all the additional functionality is going to be erased and you will need to write the code again. Using WordPress plugins is a lot easier and there is plugins already available for all sorts of functionality. However if you require unique features for your WordPress website and there is no existing plugin to meet your needs, We Are Apps can help you. At We Are Apps we specialise in custom WordPress plugin development as well as custom plugins for many other platforms.

You need a specific functionality in your website but cannot find an existing plugin? Whatever platform your website is on, we can provide you with a custom plugin solution to fulfil your needs. Get in touch today by calling(03) 86091078 or drop us a line to schedule a consult so we can assess your project and provide you a quote!

How to get started with custom plugin development?

To get started with custom plugin development contact We Are Apps for a free consultation to discuss the functionality and features you require. To book a time contact us at (03) 86091078 or submit an enquiry.

Think about the following things before you meet our expert:

  • which platform is your custom plugin needed for (WordPress, Magento, .Net or other)
  • what functionality is required
  • do you already have a website? If you don’t or if think of building a new one, tell our consultant about it and we will discuss the integration of the functionality as part of the custom website development

For any custom WordPress plugin development or other platform custom plugin development questions please contact us and we will answer your questions. Call us at (03) 86091078 or submit an enquiry! We Are Apps has a team of experts to create a custom plugin in WordPress or any other platform!