Cross Platform App Development in Melbourne

If you are ready to target the whole mobile device market, the cross platform app development is a perfect solution for you. Cross platform app development involves building an app that is supported by at least 2 platforms.The main platforms are Android, IOS, Windows and other platforms of your selection. Ideally a cross platform app should also support most other platforms,  Amazon Kindle and BlackBerry are examples of these.

How does cross platform app development work?

When a mobile app is being developed, in order to work smoothly it has to be developed in the native language of the platform. Every major platform has their own language. When a mobile app is developed in a “compatible” language it is likely to not be perfectly compatible with all platforms and malfunction as a result. Cross platform app development involves creating a separate mobile app for each platform. When developing a multi platform mobile app it is important you hire a specialised app development company  to avoid any potential issues that might arise from the lack of knowledge and experience. When building an app to be used on a large number of platforms it is important to ensure that it works perfectly on each of these platforms. If the mobile app is not working properly it will result in errors (have you ever tried using an app that switches off a second after you opened it? And then you tried again and again and it still wouldn’t work properly?). Errors affect the usability factor and that affects your bottom line.

How to get started with the multi platform app development?

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with multi platform app development follow these steps:

  • check out other brands that have a multi platform app for inspiration
  • what do you like about them? Do their apps provide the same experience across all platforms?
  • write down the functionality you need – what exactly does your multi platform app need to do?
  • prepare a list of apps that you like the design of
  • speak to an expert in the industry to receive advice and get started! You can book a free consult with WeAreApps to discuss your idea and get a quote – call (03) 86091078 or submit an enquiry.

Already have a mobile app?

If you already have a mobile app and need to make some changes or convert it into a multi platform mobile app, contact us at (03) 86091078 or drop a line to arrange a free consult!

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