Custom Fashion Website Development in Melbourne

If you are already operating and online fashion store or are about to start one and you’ve done a lot of research – you know that the online fashion industry is extremely competitive! Starting an online fashion website based business is fairly easy nowadays, and not too expensive either. There is a multitude of options to choose from, starting with how you are going to operate your online store – whether you are going to dropship or purchase stock and then store it. In terms of the website itself, you can have it on a monthly subscription platform such as Shopify that is less reliable and has a limit to the customisation of the options your customers can choose from, as well as as your accounting & stock management system, reporting and shipping. If you would like to have more freedom to customise your store and its operation, you will need a custom ecommerce website.

Custom eCommerce fashion website design

A custom eCommerce website allows you to have all the features that you need, including very complex website features you might want. As you might already know, online being a very competitive environment for a fashion business, it is important that the design of your fashion website stands out. Many online stores are built using a template, which makes them look very similar and their customers don’t even remember visiting them. Having a fashion website design custom made allows you to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Custom web design can allow you to achieve the following things:

  • higher conversion rate
  • lower bounce rate
  • lower cart abandonment rate
  • more returning customers
  • easier operations management for you


Also need a custom shopping cart?  We can develop one for you to meet your needs, along with the custom fashion website design & development or independently. Contact us today at (03) 86091078 or submit an enquiry to book a project assessment session!