Custom Real Estate Website Development in Melbourne

Real estate website development can require a great deal of complexity and customisation. On top of a unique and custom web design, most agencies require a considerable amount of custom functionality such as a booking tool, filters and refinements for rentals / sales, geographic location, price bracket, loan options, property size etc. All these tools need to be developed and customised correctly for the real estate website to work at the highest standard and not have any errors as nothing is worse in such a competitive industry for the customers to leave because of the malfunctioning website! Most of the real estate searches being conducted on mobile devices it is important the mobile website runs smoothly as well.

Custom real estate web solution

With millions of people searching for properties every year in Australia, real estate website developers have to make sure that the website is built in a way that the mobile website runs smoothly. With most of the searches being conducted on mobile devices, not only the website design, but the whole experience of the real estate software, including custom website functionality, has to be seamless. To take the user experience and conversion rate to the next level, many real estate agencies decide to also develop an app to make the property search even simpler.

If you are a real estate agency looking for custom website design and development, we would recommend to follow these steps:

  • prepare a list of your favourite websites
  • think of the custom functionality you require, you might need a custom plugin developed
  • have your design examples ready
  • find things you like about your competitors’ websites
  • try your competitors’ mobile apps to see what you like about them and what you don’t
  • get your list of ideas ready


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